Stylish. High quality. For everybody.

First of all, let us make our point of utmost importance clear: although our restaurant, Bistorant Kecskemét is part of a premium category hotel, our aim is by no means limited to providing high standard service for the guests of the hotel only! What is more, it is by no means our intention that the quality and elegance - so obvious from the outside - should keep anybody off, anybody who would just pop in from the street to have a nice lunch or dinner. To put it quite simply, what we want is to make our offer perfect - in every respect. We do believe that everybody deserves to enjoy what is perfect, from the interior to the service, from the raw materials to the dishes served. And it does not make a difference, indeed, whether all this happens on a weekday or on a holiday, with the family, or friends or business partners, whether it is a gastronomic adventure or a purposeful action. Whether you would like to have a glass of quality wine or a very special drink, or you yearn for a genuine dish - rooted in tradition but at the same time representing the latest trends - our restaurant is here, welcoming you at any time.