Relaxing. Refreshing. For families.

Sunday Buffet Lunch with Music is a special offer of favourable price designed for families. The event takes place on Sundays - from 12 noon to 15 pm we welcome those yearning for a unique weekend experience. Unique, because it is not the live music alone that can enchant our guests but also the opportunity to enjoy the services provided by our wellness facilities - all for the price of a buffet lunch. It is up to the guests whether they visit these facilities before or after lunch, whether they want to take a rest after the strains of the week in the Jacuzzi, in the swimming pool or in the sauna. But one thing is for sure: a relaxing lunch with the family is something every one of us deserves. In order to make sure that mothers can sufficiently relax, too, a children's corner - abundant with various toys - has been set up.