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To the offer below there could be no other answer but: YES! But why are we so sure of that? Because everybody wants to have a perfect wedding - and we are, indeed, in on the secret of a perfect wedding! It is our pleasure to let you into this secret and - what is more - we are delighted to demonstrate it. The very basis for all this is the venue itself: a luxury hotel with all the novelties of innovation and the openness toward the latest trends. And - what goes with the venue - is the staff, characterized by professionalism - no wonder, they are the employees of a four-star hotel which implies that they meet the highest requirements. What makes the facilities offered by the elegant venue complete is the kitchen itself where both traditional and modern gastronomy can be performed - combined in proportion of the wishes of the guest. And may we just mention one more thing in addition: as a present we give our special thoughtfulness to those who have their wedding party in Bistorant Kecskemét: we will commemorate their wedding anniversary!

Now then, you can say nothing but a "yes" to this offer, is it not right?

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