Special. Unique. For the inquisitive.

The monthly offer is a special supplement to the menu. What you can find in it is a choice of one soup, two or three main courses and one or two desserts. It always differs from the particular set of seasonal dishes. Its uniqueness, on the one hand, lies in the fact that due to the favourable prices anybody can afford to taste the special flavours of the Bistorant Kecskemét cuisine, to enjoy the intriguing texture of our dishes, from soup to dessert. On the other hand, the monthly offer is always linked to actual occasions (like Halloween focussing on pumpkin dishes; the feast of Saint Martin with the delicacies prepared from goose; and mutton of lamb at Easter...) In this way we don't have to keep adapting the menu - renewed seasonally anyway - still our restaurant's choice on offer is refreshed and enriched from time to time.